The Night Before Christmas


Deliver presents to the good children and problems to the rest



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The Night Before Christmas is a simple, entertaining platform game where the players control Santa Claus, whose mission is to deliver all of the Christmas presents to the children that have been good.

The players have to collect the gifts scattered around the scene and take them to the Christmas tree. On the way, they have to pick up milk and cookies to replenish their energy and send all of the children who are awake back to bed.

The fun thing is how you send the children back to bed: using a taser. You have to shoot them with your ray gun to make them go back to bed quickly, because if not they could discover you and end the game.

In each of the levels you have to leave more and more gifts. At first you only have to deliver four gifts, but it won't take long before you have to deliver many more while you struggle with half a dozen kids.

The Night Before Christmas is a fun platform game that gives you the chance to walk around in Santa Claus's boots for a few minutes. You never would have expected Santa Claus to carry a ray gun... but he does.
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